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Daily Post 6: Ema, a natty bird!

Many animals form the Brazilian fauna, but EMA is especially elegant. My tribute today goes to her.

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Daily Post 5: My close and jealous friends.

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Daily Post 4 : Chuckle!

copia japan

… To whom it may concern… ‘forever is a long time, make sure to spend it with someone that makes you chuckle’.

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Daily Post 3: Pause. Pause for thought. YELLOW FEVER

Yellow fever advances in Brazil. More than ever, the vaccine is needed for those who visit the country!

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Daily Post 2 .World peace: save for later.

Peace… I’ve heard it since I was born, but I don’t delude myself. World peace: save for later.

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Daily Prompt 31. A Good Match. A Brazilian tradition: ‘Goiabada com Queijo’, from Minas Gerais.


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Daily Prompt 30. A Good Match. ‘Pastel com Caldo de Cana’, a Brazilian tradition.

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Daily Post 1: The Greatest Drink in the World: Caipirinha

CAIPIRINHA” is the most popular drink in Brazil, elaborated

with cachaça (sugar cane brandy), lemon, sugar and ice. Delicious!

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Daily Prompt 29: Unseen


Love is a fire that burns unseen… It is a pain that destroys without hurting”.



Daily Prompt 28: Crossing

A famous song by Caetano Veloso, ‘Sampa’, inspires me to talk about CROSSING. I hope to please my followers on the blog.

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Daily Prompt 26: Bounty


Love is the only bounty of life.

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Daily Prompt 25: Relax

A very cool way to rest: the sleeping nets (hammocks) that the Amerindians invented, very used in Brazil.

Um jeito muito legal pra descansar: as redes de dormir que os índios inventaram, muito usadas no Brasil.

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Daily Prompt 22: FLEE



Fleeing from troubles: Fernando de Noronha, a good place to go!

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Daily Prompt 21: Mystical. São Thomé das Letras. MG. Brazil

São Thomé das Letras – Minas Gerais

¨Destino favorito de brasileiros em busca de misticismo, São Thomé coleciona lendas sobre o aparecimento de criaturas extraterrestres. As pedras que fizeram fama do lugar são carregadas de histórias esotéricas – e vendidas em larga escala até mesmo como artigos de gastronomia. Quem estaciona o carro no ponto morto na Ladeira do Amendoim sente o veículo se movimentando sozinho. Cachoeiras marcam presença na cidade e são a principal escolha dos hippies. No Vale das Borboletas, as moradoras do lugar voam sem cerimônias em torno dos visitantes.¨ http://viajeaqui.abril.com.br/


Daily Prompt 20: Mystical. The shadow of the pilgrim in the ‘Praza da Quintana’ in Santiago de Compostela.


The shadow of the pilgrim in the ‘Praza da Quintana’ in Santiago de Compostela arises mysteriously at night. Quando a noite cai, surge, misteriosamente, a sombra do peregrino na Praça da Quintana, em Santiago de Compostela.

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Daily Prompt 19: TREASURE. Good friends, big treasures.

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Daily Prompt 18: Vigor. Christmas is coming!


Romero Britto

The Lord is my helper and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.’ O Senhor é o meu auxílio e não temerei o que me possa fazer o homem. 

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Beautiful Autumn! Festival of Leaves 2016: Last Week! — Festival of Leaves

One more week to go!! I already started listening to Christmas songs again. Whoops… Also, NaNoWriMo is nearly over and I’m getting a bit more sleep again. Nearly reached the word count, I’m at 45000!😀 Your photos this week show how many leaves are already gone. More on the ground than on the trees. For […]

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It’s Not This Time of Year Without… ‘The stress and the anxiety’.

Bits of Poems

img_0707It’s not this time of year without
The stress and the anxiety;
Hoping that it all turns out.
Okay — Sometimes I doubt
With all the pressures of society —

It’s not this time of year without
Snow and seeing white about –
The gentle flakes fall quietly.
Hoping that it all turns out —
Shoveling and children shout;
Snowballs lack propriety.

It’s not this time of year without
The baby Jesus — I’m devout —
His nativity, this piety —
Hoping that it all turns out.
God came to earth without a shout,
No fame. No notoriety –
It’s not this time of year without
Hoping that it all turns out.img_5433

Every year I worry that this will be the year that I get so busy with the nonsense that I will forget to take time to really ponder the significance of Christ’s coming.

This year I’m reading Watch…

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Daily Prompt 17: ‘It’s Not This Time of Year Without…’. Fruits!

Brazil is a blessed country in tropical fruits and we can enjoy them in very different ways: juices, sweets, ice creams and cakes. Our Christmas takes place in the summer and it is very inviting to taste them.

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Hope — Be Positive Be Confident – Cait K., M.A.

Hope. When I have nothing left in me, when I have no more spoons and no more energy and no more tears to cry, I have hope.

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Daily Prompt 16: Aromatic. PITANGA

Running in the ‘Bosque dos Jequitibás’, Campinas, São Paulo, is one of the most beautiful memories I always bring with me. The aroma of the ‘pitanga’, a tropical fruit, is delicious at dawn.

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Make America What?

Política e Ética nos Estados Unidos. Eleições Presidenciais 2016

Aroil in Pain

I have been staying out of most political conversations for months. Today, While I was driving around the county, providing community mental health services to people who would be most negatively impacted by a Trump Presidency, I realized that the Trump campaign signs needed editing to more accurately reflect the affect of his campaign on the state of interpersonal relations in this country. When I got home, I decided to make my feelings on this subject crystal clear by designing this postage stamp.

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Daily Prompt 15: Sincere. Being fair and honest to myself.


The greatest evil of the XXI century.

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Daily Prompt 14: Song. NARF. ‘Santiago’

Más morriñas.

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Daily Prompt 13: Bridge. An encouraging bridge. ¨Bridge…¨ — Emotions that matter

¨Be the support, be the strength,

Be the shine that overshadows the dent,

Be the connect, be the link,

Be the miracle at life’s brink,

Go ahead, be the bridge,

Give yourself that cool edge

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Daily Prompt 12: A Realistic Bridge. ‘No Bridge To Cross’ — Flowers and Breezes

¨I can’t bridge the gap between you and me

It has become a chasm

With you on one side, and me on the other

Try as I might, I can’t cross over

And you can’t come over¨

(Sheen-October 2016)

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…Taking care without rest of my students, my vocation and my job. ‘Sitting To Write’ — Amongst All Else


¨O medo de não ser bom o suficiente. De nunca ser bom o suficiente.¨

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Ética. ‘5 Volunteering Quotes I Love Most’ — Purposive Writer

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Daily Prompt 11: ARTIFICIAL. Flying Kisses

Some time ago ‘flying kisses‘ were the only thing I gave to my pupils. Now, there is too much love in my heart and I do everything different! Thank God!


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‘Carve Your Niche!’ — Emotions that matter.

To each, his own – Your pace, your space, Your mind, your thoughts, Your ideas, your tastes, Your problems, your solutions, Your success, your failures, You, In every way, have an identity you can call your own, Which, albeit small, ain’t false, You’re unique in a million ways – Yet, one among the rest, You needn’t try to fit in, you naturally do, You’re a beautiful piece of […]

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‘Bizzaroman’ by Carol Murphy — Chicago Literati

Daily Prompt 10: URGENT. Rational Capabilities

The best remedy for poverty in Brazil is the use of rational capabilities of its citizens. It is not appropriate to keep exercising only the right to complain.

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Filosofia da Arte. ‘What Kind of Light Are YOU?’ — Purposive Writer

Are you the Sun? Who brightly shines regularly, Who gives life to every life form that receives your light? Who wakes up a well-rested soul from its slumber, And whose gentle light puts to sleep a tired body? Are you the Moon? Who reflects to everyone the light that you receive? Whose light depends […]

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Daily Prompt 9. UNDERSTANDING. A ‘teacher’s day’.

The difficult task of a teacher: to be demanding and loving at the same time.



From the bottom of the heart. ‘Something, Maybe…’ — Amongst All Else

I saw a doctor.

He gave me pills.

I’m taking the pills.

What Now?

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Daily Prompt 8: CLUMSY. ‘Pinky and The Brain’.

Pinky: spontaneous, gentle, happy and CLUMSY. He just does not think before acting and speaking! My students love him.

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Daily Prompt 7: PROMISES. 2021 Holy Year

July 25. 2021 

Holy Year. Santiago de Compostela

I’ll be there!

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Daily Prompt 6: ORIGINAL. Esperanza Guisán. Education


¨The paradox of Education is that anyone can learn anything without liking, nor can like anything without having learned.¨

Missing you, Esperanza.

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Daily Prompt 5: CAREFUL


In Brazil, many children are used in prostitution market and I know that one of my students do it. Last week I felt I have to be very careful to get one of them out of this bad dream. I am confident!

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Daily Prompt 4: REALIZE

Brazilian boy had a pee on the mattress and has received punishment. His parents do not realize how cruel it is for his personality. How is the child’s self esteem?

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Daily Prompt 3: TREE


Rio Piracicaba – Piracicaba. SP. Brasil

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Daily Prompt 2: TREE

Santiago de Compostela – Helena Villar Janeiro

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Daily Prompt 1: ANIMAL

 Páscoa, Pintado and Pérola, ready to reduce my sorrows, including my diseases.

Very close friends!