Daily Prompt 33: Extravagant. Extravagant Souls

Antonio Canova

‘Amore e Psiche’ (1788-1793)
Museu do Louvre

Imagem: https://www.artsy.net/artwork/antonio-canova-psyche-ranimee-par-le-baiser-de-lamour-psyche-revived-by-cupids-kiss-1

Daily Prompt 32. Bliss. Our Souls

¨Peace and happiness within and without is absolute bliss and to be with souls exactly alike in this respect is heavenly.¨

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Daily Post 3: Pause. Pause for thought. YELLOW FEVER

Yellow fever advances in Brazil. More than ever, the vaccine is needed for those who visit the country!

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Daily Post 2 .World peace: save for later.

Peace… I’ve heard it since I was born, but I don’t delude myself. World peace: save for later.

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‘Mind the Gap’. Bolognese pasta!


A long time ago, I learned from a young Italian man to make a real Bolognese pasta: the sauce should contain tomato juice, spices and a nice glass of milk to form white and small balls, like a grated cheese. Although I did not believe it, the recipe was wonderful. A hug for you, M.P., Latina, Italy. Do not ask me for the meat.

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